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He said "Reh!"

and I was like..... "REH REH REH!"

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.Don't give us tomorrow,
Just give us today

.I love Life and Livejournal...

iam_the Yukino Miyazawa of Livejournal!

I am the mod of color_me_kawaii and itakiss_rating. Check them out!!

I'm a serious (marching) band geek. You have no idea. I'm the girl who bawled at the competition when another band did our same show and they did it better.

I am a liberal arts freak. Like, I want to study everything. Science, Calculus, languages, poetry, art, music, history, theatre, communication... I want it all to be a part of me because there's never too much to learn in this world. After all, who wants to hire a computer scientist who just sits in a room all day in front of a computer?

I like to take stuff apart and see how it works, whether it's a piece of technology, a physics problem, a computer program, a spoken or written language, or somebody's brain. I like to figure out how my friends think. I like to know how something works and why it works. The fact that it works is not enough for me.

I live for the sun. When the spring comes, I am much happier person. Not that I'm not happy now... I'm very happy.

I like to create things, music and art and stuff. When I come off with something good, it's usually because of serious inspiration. Self-expression is important to me. I also love to dance and to write...

I want to do something big with my life. I want to make a difference in the world. Cliche but so true. I like to be the best I can be, as long as it doesn't involve too much extra work. Otherwise, I'll just slide through. And I'm really quite good at sliding through.

I believe that each human life is created equal, and that money and education don't make one soul worth more than another. So really, no matter what you do, bear in mind that your life is worth it, and the world would not be the same without you.

And of course...

All you need is love-- love is all you need...

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